A short history about casino High Rollers

A short history about casino High Rollers

Casino High Rollers are often dubbed whales. These players are usually very rich and pretty much very famous, although not always in the conventional movie star manner. Baccarat is their usual game of choice and sometimes, because of the huge bankroll they possess, they can bring down the house at the whim of a single bet.

Generally speaking, there are around 150 to 500 High Rollers the world over. To give you a broad overview it is safe to say that at the current moment 80% of those whales are Asian. Their billionaire status sure comes with certain casino perks, among which is an incredible credit line between $1 and $5 million.

Fantastically enough these large credit lines can even get extended to $20 or even $25 million. Talk about playing with numbers; they can do it because they can afford it. Needless to say the perks casinos extend a High Roller don’t end here.

For the specific Asian whales the casino will even offer a US Visa. High roller hotel suites with a chef added to the deal, private cars and jets, the best food and backstage entry to the best shows also come on the menu. To give you a better idea of what figures are spun during a single bet a whale player might bet anything from $10,000 to $1 million in one go.

The most notorious High Roller the world has ever seen is by far Kerry Packer. Kerry is packing a load of cash bets and he’s been doing this for over 30 years. His games of choice are Baccarat, first and foremost, and then Blackjack. He is famously known to bet $450k for a Blackjack hand. He’s also very generous with his tips and we’ve read reports that he would tips the waitresses at the casino up to $1 million.

After nearly 40 years playing high stakes casino games, it stands to reason that he’s at the top of everyone’s high Roller list.

Next up is the world’s most wealthy sultan; the Royal Sultan of Brunei has a fortune of $25 billion under his belt, so of course he can afford all the amenities that come with the High Roller life style. This absolute monarch once bet $250k per spin at the roulette table.

Adnan Khashoggi is a tycoon arms dealer and also a famous High Roller. His wealth ranges in the multi-million dollars and Blackjack is the name of his favourite game. Adnan also enjoys a good game of Baccarat and is usually seen in the company of a huge following. Despite the fact that his divorce cost him around $874 million, his estimated $4 billion fortune has barely been scratched by this event.

Among other famous High Rollers we count the likes of Tiger Woods, Dennis Rodman, Bruce Willis and Mo Chan, but of course these players don’t even come close to spending the amounts that the top three dare set down. Since money breeds money next time you want to go big at the casino you might want to try out a High Roller approach to gambling.


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