A new casino to be built in Lloydminster

A new casino to be built in Lloydminster

The odds are in Saskatchewan’s favor! FSIN has approved a casino project that aims to build and operate a new casino in Lloydminster.

Heather Bear, vice-president of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, stated that the hard work is just now commencing, and that this opportunity signifies hope for First Nation people in easily finding jobs. Thus, a significant number of First Nations announced their involvement in this project.

The casino will be located on the Alberta-border side of Saskatchewan and will also include the construction of a conference center and a massive hotel.

Unfortunately, approvals are still pending regarding the construction starting date for the casino project.

SIGA (The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming) is an important supporter of this project considering the six FSIN casinos currently operating in the province. These casinos contribute 50% of their profit to the First Nations Trust and the remaining revenue proceeds to fund the government and developers of community corporations.


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