A new casino cruise will sail out from Palm Beach

A new casino cruise will sail out from Palm Beach

A new casino will soon open its doors in the Port of Palm Beach area. This is not your typical casino ride since the concept entails a casino cruise experience. This new gambling venue will be ready to set sail in four to six weeks. The Blue Horizon ship will host a floating casino and cruise destinations will be chosen at random. The main focus of the project is to provide passionate players the opportunity of gambling in new, unconventional, and surprising locations, while venturing into foreign waters.

Robert Weisberg, partner of SourcePoint and PB Gaming, who will conduct the ship, stated that the cruise involves more than just gaming. He announced that there will be various entertainment options that will recreate a complete casino experience. The pricing has not yet been decided, but it is believed that cruise casino adventurers will have to spend at least $10.

The Blue Horizon ship is a restored Island Breeze cruise ship, one of the five to still be in use over the past few years. However, the companies that used to own them filed for bankruptcy in November of last year.

In 2014 The Island Breeze carried 11,000 passengers from March to June.


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