A first time gambler’s experience in online casinos

A first time gambler’s experience in online casinos

When the boss comes at you with a new proposal the usual stages you go through are the following: first, you feel excited because finally something new is happening; then, as you listen to his proposal you go through “what the…”, “I don’t get it”, and “Is he serious” kind of thoughts, and at the end you leave the meeting with the brainstorming already starting to happen in your head.

And so, when my employer came up to me and suggested I write an article about gambling, I said “Yes, I can do that” but when he finishes the thought with “make sure you gamble for real-money” and hands you a nice chunk of cash then you really are at a loss for words. And trust me, in my writing career this does not happen very often.

So, as promised I went ahead and sis a bit of research before signing up under a real account for gambling online. There were a few interesting casinos but I didn’t really have a clue whether any one of them would provide what I was looking for and furthermore, I must admit I was a little apprehensive about signing up because I’d heard some horror stories about casino scams.

After a little bit of digging I found out there are a few ways of making sure the casino you’re looking to play at is legally licensed to provide these services. First of all the casino should have their license details somewhere on their home page, available for anyone curious enough to assure themselves the site is for real.

Second, there will be some sort of format certification, like an eCOGRA certificate, that is the staple for recognizing a fair, responsible, and transparent online casino. My next question was “OK, I know this casino is for real, now what?” I had do get down to the nitty-gritty and actually look for the games that provide the maximum engagement for someone like me, meaning a newbie.

To solve this mystery I actually looked for player recommendations on designated gambling forums. I ended up playing the Hot as Hades online slot game which was really so much fun I could have played it forever in free-mode. But, since higher up direction were that I play for money, so I had to sign in and use the awarded pocket money.

You can imagine my excitement when I ended up with $30 extra dollars and the extra thrill when my boss let me keep it. The visuals were just amazing and the experience well worth the investment. Further documentation led me to finding out that the Hot as Hades online video slot game is actually the first of its generation, so I look forward to more games like this.

I also ventured into placing some bets in online Blackjack. Why? Because I’ve always wanted to try it and because it was really fun to play. I did not particularly come out with huge winnings, $5 on top of what I had started with seemed to be the maximum I could get up to, but it’s rather understandable considering I started out with no knowledge of the game whatsoever.

Blackjack, unlike slot games, is really a game of skill and you first need to read up on the rules, learn some strategies, and actually play 1000+ practice games before you will get to win back considerable larger sums of money.

Overall impression? It was unbelievably fun, and it really surprised me how easy to navigate and understand the games were. In terms of winning money, I started off with zero expectations and really enjoyed getting a bit off cash at the end of the sessions.

Next stop, online Poker! Let’s see what this notorious casino game has in store for me.


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