A few unbelievable gambling stories

A few unbelievable gambling stories

The month of August has yielded quite a compendium of stories related to the gambling world. From bankruptcy, to theft, even to murder, the global gambling world has it all.

Famous but former Liverpool player Dominic Matteo has declared an unexpected bankruptcy. The former star admitted to gambling heavily for the love of horses and losing over £1 million overall. With bets the size of £100,000 in one shot, who can blame the player for losing such an incredible amount of money?

It is a certainty that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. This rule does not exempt games of chance. But, from losing to attempted murder is a very long way indeed. 23 year old Charquan Edwards repeatedly lost to an 86 year old player and decided to take matters into his own hands. Excusing himself from the Poker table for the third time with the excuse of getting more money, Edwards opened fire. Luckily no one was mortally wounded but the event did end in a serious trial to start off this month.

No one likes a cheat, and this is the case for Chirstian Lusardi as well. He was sued for using counterfeit chips at a Poker tournament last year and has since pleaded guilty. Lusardi is looking at a sentence of 3 to 5 years on two counts of criminal activity.

Phil Ivey blames alcohol for his illogical gambling, sometimes even betting $150,000 a hand. The thing that Ivey doesn’t understand is that cheating has nothing to do with alcohol and he cannot find a scapegoat in this way. Ivey and Cheung Yin Sun took advantage of the game after spotting irregularities on the backs of the cards.


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