9 Mistakes Blackjack players make

9 Mistakes Blackjack players make

As you might know, the game of Blackjack has its very own procedures, codes of conduct and obviously playing strategies. Most of those procedures are there to allow games to move quickly and without any problems to security or the integrity of the game. Here are some mistakes that players regularly make when sitting around a Blackjack table.

  1. Giving money straight to the dealer. All transactions of cash have to be seen by a security camera. That is why you always have to place your money on the layout outside of your betting spot and then inform the dealer what types of playing chips you want.
  2. Putting your hands on cards which are dealt face up. If a shoe that has four or more decks is used, the cards will be dealt face up to each player. The main reason for this is to avoid potential player cheating and it also helps speed up the game. You have no reason to touch the cards so just don’t do it.
  3. Using both hands to hold your cards. In a game where the cards are dealt face down you should always pick the cards up with one hand only.
  4. Taking the cards off the table The cards you’ve been dealt always have to be seen by the dealer and the security cameras, so just try to not hold them in your lap.
  5. Putting things on the table Any objects which don’t belong to the table should be placed next to you and not on the table. You can have a drink on the table but you should always use the special drink holders in order to avoid spilling anything on the table’s layout.
  6. Asking the dealer for a “hit”. While you might be used to saying “hit me” when playing with friends at home, this will not do in casinos. For security reasons you should only use hand signals to inform the dealer if you want to hit or stand.
  7. Being a sore loser. This should go without saying but a lot of players still make this mistake. Everyone has bad days but you are not entitled to take it out on the dealer or the players around you.
  8. Nagging other players. Even if you know for sure that you are right, you should refrain from telling other players how to play their hands. Any gambler will tell you that he prefers to make his own choices and also suffer the consequences. That is pretty much the appeal of gambling after all.
  9. Touching your chips after you’ve already made a bet. The bet that you have originally made should remain on the layout until you win, lose or tie. If the dealer has started dealing the cards already you should refrain from touching your chips.


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