8 Year sentence for robbing winning casino couple

8 Year sentence for robbing winning casino couple

On Thursday, July 2nd, a woman from Washington was prosecuted and sentenced to jail for robbing an elderly couple in their home. The victims were going home with a considerable amount of slots winnings and got surprised by Kamisha Loftin, a 28 year old mother that was working with an accomplice to stake out and rob an unsuspecting casino winner.

Loftin was convicted of robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery this March, being accused of the felony which took place in August of 2014. There is ample evidence on the surveillance footage from the casino that the ensuing actions Loftin and her accomplice Antonio Applewhite took were premeditated to leading towards the robbery.

The video exhibits how Loftin and Applewhite stalked the elderly couple of 78 and 72 respectively and when noticing they are winning at the slots games they decided to stick around and observe what happens next. Loftin even got in up close and personal and offered to move the older woman’s stroller out of the casino isle.

The video evidence also shows the two perpetrators following the elderly couple back to the parking lot after these had cashed-in their slots winnings. The chase continued up to the couple’s home in Silver Spring. Upon being assaulted by Loftin, the old man had the chance to call the emergency 911 number. The operators recorded the conversation and the man saying that he had just been pushed down to the ground by the assaulting woman – Loftin.

Both Applewhite and Loftin were again caught on camera while buying gas with the stolen credit cards. The actions taken by the two offenders were deemed as stalking and ambushing by Judge Nelson Rupp, in Thursday’s court hearing.

Considering that at the time of the robbery Liftin was actually on probation, she received a sentence of 8 years in prison. Applewhite was slightly luckier after pleading guilty to all charges, and only got 5 years in jail with 4 years suspended.


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