5 Worst mistakes in Video Poker

5 Worst mistakes in Video Poker

Video Poker machines came out in the middle of the 1970s, around the same time that personal computers started popping up. Based on a five card draw version of poker they became increasingly popular in casinos for the simple fact that people found playing on the machine less nerve-wracking than playing at the actually poker table with all eyes on them.

Today these games are still very popular but somehow people tend to think of them as slots machines, which is far from the actual purpose of these mechanisms. Although the betting system is similar to a slots machine’s, the game is full on poker and cards will be dealt out. Don’t forget that in a table game you need strategy if you want to make headway, so why should Video Poker be any different.

The first mistake that people tend to make is limit their coin bet. If you think that you’re saving your bankroll from plummeting by only playing 1, 2, 3 or 4 coin bet, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The table payout layout on the machine, if you read it carefully, will reveal the fact that a Royal Flush will pay out an incredible amount. What’s the catch? You must play full on 5 coin bets.

The thing about five coin bets and Royal Flushes is that, compared to all lower denominations payouts, the combination gives out 4000 coins. A one coin bet pays 250, two coin pays 500, three coin 750, and four coin 1000. Another advantage of five coin bets is that they increase the payout to the player while dropping the house edge.

Mistake number two has everything to do with slots clubs. Whether you’re playing online or at your local casino, you can definitely sign up for this bonus feature that every casino offers regular players. IT’s like winning points for using your debit or credit card at the grocery store. All you have to do is use it and the points just gather there. In no time you’ll have some money out of the blue and you can spend it anyway you like.

The same rule applies to video poker games. When you sign up for the slots club you will be awarded cash back for all those times you indulge in your favourite poker game. So why not let those extras pile up while you’re playing?

When it comes to bankrolls, plenty of players seem to have the wrong ideas. For this reason it is mistake number three on our list.

First, you must play at the level you are comfortable with and that match your skill levels. Second, you must choose a game to practice on that doesn’t have high stakes, like 9/6 Jack or Better. Third, if you’re venturing into the big game, make sure you have enough coins to cover three Royal Flushes because you never know when you might hit it big, but also, you might not have the luck of hitting it anytime soon, so better to be prepared.

Mistake number four is all about following hunches. Stop believing in superstitions and actually learn how to play at pro level. Making a bet just cause you have a gut feeling might work the first couple of times, but, as luck favours the prepared, your lucky streak will not last long without a proper strategy.

Last but not least, mistake number five: too little practice. Why in the world, when you have online gambling at your fingertips, wouldn’t you just go online and try out a variety of free games? You can search for some video poker strategies, select a free game and play till the sun goes down. The more you practice the more likely you will be winning in a real money game.


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