5 Unbelievable gambling wins

5 Unbelievable gambling wins

Winning is what everyone thinks about when entering a casino. Everyone wants to be a winner. In this article we have compiled a list of some really crazy gambling wins:

1. In 2009, Patricia Dernauro walked up to a craps table at the Borgata in Atlantic City. Keep in mind that this was the second time in her life when she was trying gambling. She won 154 consecutive throws. She never told anyone how much she won, but given the fact that she started out with $ 10, she must have at least returned 50 times that amount.

2. A grandfather from Wales placed a £50 bet that his grandson would play for the Welsh National Football team. The wagering house gave him 2500:1 odds. Keep in mind that his grandson was only 3 years old at the time. Fast forward to 13 years later, Wales National team is playing a match against Belgium in a World Cup Qualifier. Late in the second half, 16 year old Harry Wilson makes his debut. His appearance on the field gave his grandfather a whooping £125,000 win. If that’s not an amazing win then we don’t know what is.

3. Don Johnson was a regular gambler in many Las Vegas casinos. His game of choice was Blackjack and during a six-month period in 2011 he raked in the big bucks. He didn’t count cards, instead he negotiated special rules with the casinos to get an edge. He would be allowed to split his hand into up to four separate hands. But his biggest win was negotiating a 20 percent payback with one casino. As a result of all of this he won $15 million from three casinos in half a year.

4. In 1964, David Threlfall offered an interesting bet to William Hill wagering company. He bet that within 7 years a man would walk on the moon. He was offered 1000:1 odds. And what do you know, only 5 years later we did in fact land on the moon. His only regret was that he only bet £10, making his win still a nice £10,000.

5. The year is 1963 at a casino in the Italian Alps. Sean Connery – yes, that Sean Connery – walks up to a roulette table and places a bet on 17. It misses. He tries again, it misses again. On the third roll, his 17 comes up. He leaves his win on 17 and he hits it again. He continues betting on 17 and he manages to land a 17 for the third time in a row. His odds were roughly 50,000 to 1. So he collected his £10,000 and returned to his hotel room.


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