5 Innovative gambling products

5 Innovative gambling products

In today’s fast paced tech overwhelmed environment companies all over are trying to cope with the increasing demand for faster, better, smarter machines that would ease the lives of consumers to the point where everything is moving in real-time. For this reason innovative firms have set their heads together to create the next generation of gambling products that could keep up with players’ expectations.

The Double Arc cabinet is the first in line with its 42-inch dual screen LCD monitors that curve up and down to provide the player a more immersive customer experience. The two screens interact quite differently with each other displaying features, creative titles and graphics and allowing gamblers to experience a whole new gameplay.

The cabinet also sports an LCD deck that makes it easier for players to access the machine’s features. The curved design is specifically built to be ergonomic so that player comfort and play time would be maximized. Not to mention the 5.1 surround sound, upgraded visuals, and overall better overall experience for players.

Social media’s insane increase in popularity has also prompted some developers to set their focus on developing platforms for casinos to better interact with their social fans. Bootschatter is one on the most successful platforms to do that. This social media loyalty program allows casinos from all over the world to engage players in earning loyalty points; the more the gamblers interact with the casino’s social platforms the more points they will earn.

When it comes to accommodation people always see it as paramount to have a comfortable, relaxing stay. GameChanger is truly a game changer for casino hotels and resort in that it innovated the way these providers offer their hotel rooms to players. This tool allows casino operators to see what their audience is looking for, what they are most likely to buy and what kind of accommodations fit a certain demographic.

SpectrumVision is a technology developed specifically for uncovering cheating players. The tech is able to detect marked cards in all situations, as long as there is light around. Using ultraviolet, white and infra-red light the device requires that the cards be introduced into it and then it will display on a monitor is there are any irregularities present.

The Neo-Contra five reel slot’s recent debut has fans raving for more. The 3D sound technology allows player to fully be immersed in the gambling experience. And, what’s more, the system is actually very simple using a single output that provides 360 degree penetration of sound.


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