5 Best bets to make at the casino

5 Best bets to make at the casino

When it comes to casino bets many players that are just starting out find it hard to get a grip on a strategic betting system. Of course this is rather reasonable considering the fact that when starting out in any domain you first must get your toes wet enough to actually know what you’re doing. Regardless, some players are simply impatient and bet aggressively, this also leads them to losing their bankroll pretty quick so obviously it is not the way to go.

The thing you need to remember is that mathematical calculations can only take you as far as to determine the house edge. But, this will not elucidate bet winning frequency, as what you usually plan at home doesn’t match what happens at the actual casino scene. You must pay attention to what goes in and what goes out, how much money is bet and how much is paid out.

Another important detail is that the house has a virtually limitless bankroll, so if you don’t know when to quit sooner or later they will squeeze you out of the game because you were too stubborn to take your winnings and go home. There’s always another day, so cut your losses and go home knowing that you won good today.

Blackjack is one of the games you should be placing your bets on.

Sure, you can learn to count cards, and there are about 4 strategies that actually work and help you in becoming successful. But, Blackjack, also known as 21, is actually played for fun by most players because it really is a highly interactive game. The percentage casinos have won from Blackjack games is about 10.32 according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, so there you have it.

Mini-Bac, a variation of the full Baccarat table game is the next in line.

It’s smarter to place your bets on Mini-Bac rather than full swing Baccarat because of the amount player can actually bet and win in these games. With Mini-Bac chances are you winning will be lower but at least you’re not playing against high-rollers that venture to roll out some crazy sums like $100,000 or even a million per hand. Oh yeah, and the house only got 9.02% in winnings, so that’s a start.

Coming up fast in third place are Slots and Video Poker.

No house advantage. This is what some Deuces Wild games actually offer players, so it stands to reason that people should be flocking to place their bets on this video poker game. Sure, you must exert perfect strategy but even without it chances of winning are pretty high. Slots on the other hand are reported to only win a 7.41 percent of bets with $25 and $100 bet slots dipping even lower at 3.35 and 3.95%.

Bingo is the surprise guest on our list.

With 4.4% profit out of the pool, it’s not a bad idea to take up grandma on that offer to go Bingo with her. When the setup is right and you also have Lady Luck in your corner you’ll be yelling Bingo in no time.

The number one shocker is Sports Betting.

Casinos are reporting to only hold 2.72% of all bets so your chances are pretty high, especially when betting on baseball.


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