4 Successful movie inspired slot games

4 Successful movie inspired slot games

Successful books, most often than not, get turned into movies. It then follows that some extremely successful movies get made in to games. Whether it’s video games or gambling games, producers go out of their way to provide the public with what they want: to keep the story alive and even actually, somehow, have the chance to become part of it.

We’ve looked up the most popular slot machines and realized that the first four to come up are actually based on extremely famous movies, or even TV shows. Thus, Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park, and Terminator 2, are the four most successful slot games that keep getting revamped and people simply love them.

Game of Thrones has been all the rage for the past 5 years. Its mystical story is wrapped up in notoriously bloody and sensual scenes, which is what makes the public continue watching, show after show. Casinos, always being up with the newest trends, have come up with a brand new slot game where players can enjoy the company of their favorite characters while also winning something back. The game features some fun bonuses so be sure to check it out.

The Tomb Raider TV series, movies and all other spin offs, including the slot game, have recently celebrated 10 years of existence. That’s quite a milestone for everyone’s favorite heroine, Lara Croft. The slot game featuring Lara, shows off some hefty winning odds at the same time as engaging the player into the adventurous world of a treasure hunter. If you’re looking for a thrill, then this is the game for you.

Another giant of the cinema world, Jurassic Park, must have made its debut when our generation was still picking our boogers in primary school. The slot game that accompanies it is nearly just as old, and you know what they say about old things that have endured the test of time: they get better and better with each passing year. Seriously refurbished, Jurassic Park remains one of the favorite and most popular game for gamblers worldwide.

This leaves us off with Terminator 2. What can we say that hasn’t been said before? The movie is amazing and it thus follows that the slot game is amazing. With actor screen shots from the film and real movie clips that pop up whenever you get a win, gaming developers really managed to confer a robot warfare kind of gambling experience. See for yourself and let us know how it felt to spin the reels to the beat of the T-1000.


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