4 Male celebrities who don’t know when to stop

4 Male celebrities who don’t know when to stop

It must feel really good to be rich and successful. The fact that you’re a public figure has it’s downsides but all in all what’s not to like. And, if you’re a gambler think of all that money you can spend. That’s what some of these guys probably thought as well. But not all of them have had success stories.

Our first target is Charles Barkley. You might know Charles from his basketball career but what you might not know is that he is also an avid gambler. So avid in fact that it is said he lost over $10 million over his lifetime. His statements regarding this have been in the line of “Yes, I have a gambling problem. I’m trying to deal with it but I’ll never stop gambling. It’s my life and it’s my money.” Good luck with that motto Charles.

Since we’re on the subject of famous basketball players gambling huge amounts of money, introducing Michael Jordan. Although he was king of the court, gambling doesn’t seem to be his strong suit. It is rumored that he bet $1 million on a single hole of golf and he plays six-figure games several times a week. There is no living person out there who has lost as much as number 23.

Let’s go down a bit on the scale of troublemakers right into Charlie Sheen territory. You might know him from his movies or from his more recent drug-fueled interviews. His ex-wife Denise Richards claims that he has lost vast amounts of money betting on everything from sporting events to casino games. Keep on rolling you crazy tiger blooded maniac.

And to end this article let’s discuss one of the few successful gamblers among celebrities, Ben Affleck. Ben has been a regular at celebrity Poker Tournaments, usually managing to score a win or at least a paid position. But one of his most infamous stories is when he started playing Blackjack one night for $60,000/hand and ended up leaving with $800,000 in his pockets, $150,000 of which he left as tip to casino employees. You can say a lot of things about him, but he is one hell of a tipper.

Hopefully these stories have warned you about the dangerous combination of having money and liking to gamble. That is of course unless you’re Ben Affleck, in which case keep doing what you’re doing.


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