4 Interesting Stud Poker variations

4 Interesting Stud Poker variations

New York New York

This is a seven card stud high low poker game. All players will first receive three cards, two down and one face up. Then a betting round will take place. After this the deck will be placed in the middle of the table and two cards will be turned up, one on each side of the deck. Now each player will get to select a card, either one of the turned up cards or a card from the top of the deck, which would be normally turned up except when it is the seventh card. As these turned up cards are removed, the dealer will replace them from the deck. When all of the players have selected their card, there is a betting round. Play will continue like this until all of the players have seven cards. On the last card, if the selected card is face up it will stay face up, if it is face down it will stay down. Normally people have to declare whether they will make a high or low hand since both these hands can be won by the same person.

Two Thirds

The game is pretty much the same as Seven Card stud when it comes to the dealt cards and the betting rounds, but in order to win a hand you must have at least two of the following:

  • The best hand
  • The lowest spade in the hole (face down)
  • The highest spade in the hole

If none of the players qualify for two of these, the pot will roll over to the next hand. The spade can be separate from the best 5-card hand. For example you can win a hand with a diamond flush and the lowest face down spade.

Luck of the Irish

To start things off you will deal the usual 2 cards down, 4 up and the last one down. Betting will function as in regular 7 card stud. Except that in this case, the fours are wild. The four of clubs in particular is double wild meaning that if it shows up as one of the cards which are dealt face up, that person gets an extra card face down. If instead it is one of the face down cards it is just wild and you get no extra cards.

Dead Deuce

In this variant of Seven Card Stud Poker, face up deuces are considered wild while face down deuces hold their normal value. At the start, all the players will receive three cards face down. They will then look at them and decide which of the cards they want to turn face up, followed by a betting round. The fourth, fifth and sixth cards will be dealt face up to all the players, each of them followed by a betting round. Then the seventh card will be dealt face down and the final betting round will take place.


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