4 amazing Casino stories

4 amazing Casino stories

We’ve all heard some incredible stories about people winning it big in a casino or doing some incredibly risky bets while playing in one. Here are some of the best stories you will ever read.

The Grandma with the longest streak ever

Patricia Demauro, a grandmother from New Jersey decided one day to take a trip to the casino and try her luck at the craps table. And she was right to do so because in that very special day she managed to roll the dice 154 times continuously without ever throwing a seven. The odds of that ever happening are roughly 1 in 1.56 trillion. Her lucky streak lasted for around four hours and she broke the world record for the longest Craps roll and the most successive dice rolls without “sevening out”. The woman declined to reveal how much money she won, but gambling experts have estimated that if she made some good bets, she might have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, expert best would have put her in the millions. She spent the rest of her weekend in Atlantic City and even came back to the same Craps table two nights later, but refused to play, saying that she wasn’t ready to be the shooter again.

Putting it ALL on one bet

As part of a reality mini-series title “Double or Nothing” which aired in 2004, professional British gambler Ashley Revell sold everything he owned, including clothes, and gambled $135,300 on a SINGLE spin of a Roulette wheel in a casino in Las Vegas. He placed all of that money on red and the ball ended up on 7 red. He thus doubled his money to $270,600. People around the table were expecting some new bets from him, but he tipped the dealer $600, said “thank you!” and left the premises.

The babysitter who made $2.4 million on her first gambling trip

Jessica Agbunag, a baby sitter who had graduated high school six years ago, was visiting Las Vegas with her boyfriend and family in honor of her grandmother’s birthday. Her grandmother had been an avid gambler who visited Las Vegas many times and loved slot machines. She played at the Wheel of Fortune machines and she kept winning small amounts. Then she finally put $16 into a Mega-Jackpot machine and hit the jackpot, going home with $2.4 million.

The Poker pro that played 115 hours straight for charity

If you’re a fan of professional Poker you might have heard of Phil Laak. In a amazing display of endurance and charity, Phil once got the Guinness World Record for longest continuous Poker play by lasting an incredible 115 hours at the tables. At first he planned to stay at the tables for 80 hours but he decided to spend another day and a half playing. Amazingly he did not consume any stimulants of any kind. He didn’t have any coffee, caffeine or anything illegal that would have helped him stay up. Some people couldn’t go on that long to earn money for their own pockets, let alone for charity.


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