3 Popular roulette variants

3 Popular roulette variants

With plenty of Roulette variants to choose from it can be a tedious task finding the proper one to bet on. We’ve put together 3 of the world’s most played Roulette games and also added in a few of the game rules for extra bite. Read ahead, pay attention and you might just be the world’s next famous professional Roulette player.

American Roulette Variant

American Roulette is obviously the variation played in the United States, but, it is also played in Canada, the Caribbean, and even South American casinos. With a zero and a double zero and 36 regular numbers, this game is famous for giving out fair odds, except for when the double zero is involved. Because of this meddling 00 the house edge on almost all bets is 5.26%.

European Roulette Variant

Asia, Europe and Africa love European Roulette. There is a simple and wonderful reason for that: a low house edge. This house edge can be as low as 1,35% if the casino offers the “en prison” rule. With a single zero, thus bringing the regular house rule to 2.7%, this game is much easier to manage your money in and also provides a more relaxed atmosphere for the players.

French Roulette Variant

The French variety thoroughly resembles the European one but there are some slight differences to be noted. The French table has all numbers appearing in red although the red/black bet is still possible. We are thinking that the French simply wanted to be more posh and this change really does confer the wheel a more sophisticated look. Another exception is the “Voisins du Zero” bet that covers all numbers neighbouring a zero. Now that’s quite a fair take on it.

Whether you’ve tried Roulette or are just now thinking to give it a whirl, we are definitely advising you go for the obvious choice: European Roulette. Although, as you can see the others can be really interesting to play with the extra rules taken into consideration. Bone chance everyone!


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