3 Female celebrities that keep losing

3 Female celebrities that keep losing

Celebrities enjoy gambling just like any other person. Of course some of them have a serious bankroll so the sums they’re willing to put up are completely different. Now I’m going to show four examples of female celebrities who need to step up their game at gambling.

Pamela Anderson is the first in line. You might remember her from Baywatch and her “modeling” career. Back in 2007 she was on the Las Vegas strip and decided to try her luck at some poker one night. She obviously didn’t know a lot about this game so it ended as you would expect. She pretty much tanked and lost everything she had for that night, losing $ 250,000 in the process. Luckily for her a mysterious benefactor helped her, rumours saying it was Antonio Esfandiari, world-renowned poker pro.

Gladys Knight, infamous soul singer has had a problem with gambling for over a decade. Most of the time her problem was not with losing money due to gambling, but not taking proper care of her son. After forgetting to take him to school one day, due to gambling and drinking the night before, she finally decided to give up on this hobby and seek help.

Jennifer Tilly is the closest you will find to a poker pro among the people on this list. She has quite a few wins under her belt at the World Series. But the stress she felt after a couple of losses was too much so she gave up on it for a while. After a much needed break she was back to the tables though. At least she can share the stress of losing with her husband, poker pro Phil Laak.

I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson from this article. Even if you’re a beautiful successful woman, gambling will still kick you in the face if you’re inexperienced or not careful about your plays.


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